Sunday, July 6, 2014

et al Hamilton Cheifetz - Music of David Schiff

Title: Music of David Schiff / Schiff: Gimpel the Fool; Sacred Service; Scenes from Adolescence
Performer: et al Hamilton Cheifetz
Record Date: June 24, 1989
Release Date: December 11, 1992
Label: Delos
Catalogue: DE-3058
Format / Type: 1 CD
Shared Detail: EAC-Rip | flac | cue | covers


01. Scenes from Adolescence (23:50)
02. Sacred Service Suite: I. Shalom Aleichem (3:20)
03. Sacred Service Suite: II. Candle Blessing (3:02)
04. Sacred Service Suite: III. Lekha Dodi (3:13)
05. Sacred Service Suite: IV. Hashkeveinu (5:37)
06. Sacred Service Suite: V. Kiddush (1:53)
07. Sacred Service Suite: VI. Shalom Rav (4:20)
08. Divertimento from Gimpel the Fool: I. Overture and the Rabbi's Advice (2:47)
09. Divertimento from Gimpel the Fool: II. The Wedding Song (3:50)
10. Divertimento from Gimpel the Fool: III. Pantomime and Bread Song (4:18)
11. Divertimento from Gimpel the Fool: IV. Jester's Song and Mazel Tov (5:33)




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